Student Spotlight Series: Claudia Allen

April 9, 2024

In this latest edition of the Student Spotlight Series, we sit down with Claudia Allen, a recent student interpreter who just completed the Professional Medical Interpreter course with the Academy of Interpretation. Claudia shares her insights, experiences, and advice for aspiring interpreters based on her journey through the course.

Q: Can you introduce yourself and tell us about yourlanguage proficiency and background?

My name is Claudia Allen, and I'm proficient in both Spanish and English. My background is in accounting, but I've recently transitioned into the field of interpretation after taking a course with the Academy of Interpretation.

Q: What course did you recently complete with the Academy of Interpretation?

I completed the Professional Medical Interpreter course. It was a comprehensive and detailed program that readied me with the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a medical interpreter.

Q: What motivated you to take the medical interpretation course?

My motivation stemmed from a combination of personal experience and a desire for a career change. Having cared for my parents for many years, I felt drawn to continue helping others in similar ways. Additionally, growing up with a mother who was a nurse exposed me to medical terminology and sparked my interest in the healthcare field.

Q: Can you tell us about the scenarios and cultural aspects covered in the course?

The course taught various scenarios, including cultural considerations and advocacy in the interpretation field. It emphasized the importance of understanding and respecting diverse cultural backgrounds when interpreting for patients from all around the world. This aspect of the course was particularly insightful and prepared me for these culturally different situations.

Q: How did you find the self-paced learning format of the course?

The self-paced format worked well for me, given my personal circumstances. I appreciated the flexibility to study at my own pace while balancing other responsibilities, such as caring for my mother and working a full-time job. While there were a few challenges, overall, the format allowed me to complete the course within a reasonable timeframe.

"Having cared for my parents for many years, I felt drawn to continue helping others in similar ways."

Q: What was your experience like interacting with the Academy's support staff?

The support staff were helpful and friendly whenever I had clerical questions or needed assistance. Despite occasional challenges in reaching them, they provided guidance and support throughout the course, ensuring that I had access to the resources I needed to succeed.

Q: Were there any unexpected benefits or surprises during the course?

One unexpected benefit was the inclusion of the medical terminology textbook, which was very helpful in enhancing my understanding of medical terminology. This addition to the course materials improved my learning experience and better prepared me for interpreting in medical settings.

Q: Now that you've completed the course, what are your plans for the future?

My immediate goal is to pursue opportunities in medical interpretation and complete the necessary paperwork to begin working as an interpreter. I'm committed to continuing my education in interpretation and exploring other fields, such as legal interpretation. I recently learned about your Language of Justice course so I’m thinking of taking that course next.

Q: What advice would you give to new students considering enrolling in a course with the Academy of Interpretation?

My advice would be to remain dedicated and proactive throughout the course. It's important to set aside time for studying and fight through any challenges that come up. Don't hesitate to reach out for support when needed, and remember that you can complete the course with determination and commitment.

Q: Would you recommend the Academy of Interpretation to other students?

Absolutely. I highly recommend the Academy of Interpretationto anyone interested in pursuing a career in interpretation. The comprehensive courses, supportive staff, and flexible learning options make it an excellent choice for aspiring interpreters.

Claudia's journey through the medical interpretation course with the Academy of Interpretation highlights the value of dedication, flexibility, and support in achieving educational and career goals. Her experiences and insights provide valuable guidance for prospective students considering enrolling in interpretation courses.


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